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How many people in would have fallen in love? Ah! Almost everyone. How love stories have been succeeded?? Ammm!! Very few. Some breakup up hating each other. Most of them end up by being FRIEND – ZONEDYeah!! You read correct it’s friend-zoned.

So here we go with a story of a friend zoned lovestory, reaching out the number of boys there.

Disclaimer: ( the story is fictional nothing to deal with any person place or situation).

It was 2nd year of my college and I was at the industrial training of my graduation. Industrial training is just a kind of excuse for spending our vacations to explore a new place. Meanwhile, we had alot of extra time to waste on Facebook and Facebook.

Oh by the way it’s me Abraham, from Bareily sharing my experience with the readers.
There I met her here, on Facebook.She was in…

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