How to Glow in the Darkness Without Leaving


Hello, everyone! I’m back now after a quite long time doing my exams. Then I’m also home now after having two flights from Yogyakarta to my hometown.

I’m going to write not a really long writing because I also have a busy schedule for this holiday. Besides being a committee of some events, I always love to have this ‚cheat time‘ to write.

Writing is also a light in the darkness. Just like what I’ve learned from this semester of my study about the fluorescence and phosphorescence. One will light after absorbing energy from S0 to S1 (S is the short term of ’singlet‘). Then, after absorbing the energy, it will directly release the energy also at the same time. The another one, phosphorescence, has a little bit different from the first one.

I’d like to introduce what fluorescence is. You may have likely heard this word in your daily…

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