A tooth extraction!!#Part 2. 

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The extraction process:
Recap :

Naina goes to Dr. Mudit (dentist) for her tooth diagnosed. She has been told that tooth should be extracted.

Now let’s see the further..

Naina lie down on patient’s bed, I will start the process in some time. “ said Dr. Mudit

sure“ Naina replies.

While lying on the bed she gets nervous and starts thinking :

What could be worse, a girl in her twenties getting her tooth extraction surgery? Oh god! Please help, pakka it will pain please help me to bear with the pain.

And a drop of sweat falls from her forehead

Meanwhile the arrangements started keeping a table ready with some medicines, syringe, knives, tongs and scissors, driving instrument, little water and some tissues.

An instrument measuring her heartbeat was put on her index finger.

Dr. Mudit now starts describing before the beginning of the surgery :

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