The Black Bitch and other Tales – Serialisation – Flinches by Geoff Cronin

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Stories from Waterford in the 1920s.. a different time and one that was filled with characters and practices long since disappeared.


Currants from Turkey, sultanas from Crete, seedless raisins from California and muscatels from Greece – these were some of the ingredients used in the production Cronin’s Bracks. The currants came in white wood boxes with wire straps on them; sultanas came also in white wood boxes secured with nails. The seedless raisins came in cardboard boxes and the muscatels arrived in nondescript wooden boxes.

And then there were the Californian raisins, which came in the very best boxes of clean wood of a pinkish colour. The wood was straight grained and clean and the lids were secured with nails.

These boxes, when empty were sought after by a particular type of customer coming to our shop, namely the bird catchers and my father gave them for free to…

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