Short Story Sunday 164: Explanation (Part Two)

Rachel Poli

Short Story Sunday: "Explanation" (Part Two) | Mystery Flash Fiction

Did you read part one first? Find it HERE.

            “You want to go back to the house? Why?” Lilah asked appalled. She was leaning her back against the counter in the kitchen with a mug of coffee in hand. She stared at George from across the room as though he was an alien.

George was sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of orange juice. After taking a sip, he shrugged his shoulders. “I was up late last night thinking. There is definitely something we’re missing and I think we should go there and solve this case once and for all.”

Lilah cocked an eyebrow up and remained silent. She took a sip from her coffee and continued to stare at George as though he had lost his mind.

“Are you with me, Lilah?” George asked after the elongated silence.

Lilah shrugged peering into her now empty…

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