Nut (roast)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We all know the dangers
Of sun tan and burn,
But sometimes the hard way’s
The one way to learn.

Though doubtless he’ll brown
Like a nice piece of toast,
At present my son
Is a bright, beetroot roast.

Unusual sunshine
Had brought him outside
To a place where the sun
Left him nowhere to hide.

Out there, in the garden,
He has a nice bed
Where his feet can go up
As he lays down his head…

The sunlight was pleasant
And lulled him to drowse…
And what with the jet lag,
He just didn’t rouse…

This morning he glows
As he faces the day…
Scarlet, vermilion…
No more to say…

The screams that erupted
When he hit the shower?
A lesson, in learning
About solar power…

So readers beware,
Never sleep in the sun
Lest, instead of a tan
You end up overdone.


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