Smorgasbord Short Story Festival – 9th – 12th June – Tales from the Garden – The Last Emperor by Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

For the next story in the festival I am sharing one of mine from The Tales from the Garden volume one.

The Last Emperor by Sally Cronin

High above the garden our feathered cousins soar on the updrafts caused by the scorching summer heat on the peaks and valleys of our mountain. They search diligently for their preferred prey which is anything that dares to fly beneath them or scuttle out of the undergrowth in search of food.

Majestically they accomplish what we cannot and have never been able to. From our place guarding the main entrance into the building that now stands on this ancient site, we watch enviously with our own wings fixed in stone.

We are the last of the stone eagles that have watched over this magical place. The first were made by a slave of the Roman merchant who built his villa on this mountain…

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