Lokananta, The Witness of Music Industry In Indonesia

Safira's Journey

Few months ago, my sister took me to the recording house in Solo. She wants to make a report about the recording place for her media she works. I accompanied her and I wants to make an article for my media I work but maybe it’s not popular for teenagers in Indonesia. Actually, this is the important part as we need to show them about our historical stories and places. So, I prefer to post it here. Enjoy my story visiting first recording museum in Indonesia.


Located in the heart of Surakarta or known as Solo city in Central Java, Lokananta the first Indonesia’s music recording industry is looked empty and not so many people visit it. Meanwhile, it is a heritage for Indonesia who saved thousand memories of music development such as Gesang the Bengawan Solo singer, and Waldjinah the legend of Walang Kekek song.


From the outside of…

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