Thursday – A Little Personal

Fiction Favorites


„Hi, Boss.“

„Well, hello, Lucy. What can I do for you?

„Baily and I are a little worried.“


„I see that. What’s the problem?

Empty desk

„Empty desk boss. Empty desk.“

„You know I can’t sit there 24/7.“


„As a spokesperson for the non-humans, I want to make sure people outside the house know you write books.“

„You know last week you got several cute hits. I’m wondering if you can continue to milk it.“

„We actually have a vested interest in your success.“

„So what do you recommend?“

„Throw up a couple of cover pictures and then ask everyone to buy a copy.“

„If only it were that easy.“

„Okay I’ll put up the covers and links, but that’s it.“

„You are a mensch.“

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His Revenge Click Cover for Amazon

Click Cover for Amazon

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