She’s Back……#Thankful!

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Yeah she is. Today i penned down from my exams, the joy of knowing it’s over( although for a little while..smiles) is inmensurable. I want to say a big thank you to my lovely and wonderful fans for your good will messages and your prayers all through the period of my exams. I am eternally grateful and blessed to be part of your lives. With you all, i always feel at home. Thank you for constantly visiting my blog even when i wasn’t​ able to visit yours. Your love, prayers, efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, i truly appreciate them all. God bless you all.

Well today, shortly before my last paper, i heard a story that i learnt so much from and would like to share with you all.
A bus full of passengers was traveling while. suddenly the weather changed and there was a huge downpour and lightening all around.

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