Sharing How does it feel, to live in my “own world” ~ Renata Jurkevythz – from Spectrum Women

Just Under Your Radar

A very common statement people make about autistics is how they “live in their own world”. For non-autistics it can very much look like the person is locked in, in a parallel world, not acknowledging what goes on around them. For each individual on the autism spectrum, this “inner world” definitely feels different and may have an effect on their interactions with the world around them. Here, I want to explain my personal experience of being in my inner world. Some may resonate with my personal experience and for others it may be completely different. But as human beings, we are all unique, whether we are autistic or not.

With that said, I want to explain about how this experience feels to me, to live in my own world. I live in a wildly different world, even though I appear to “function” very similarly to people outside, therefore not looking…

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