Intellectual Power Alone Is Not Sufficient To Do the Job


1 Corinthians 2:1, 2

After Paul was finished preaching to the intellectual leaders in Athens, he left the city feeling disappointed and sad. He preached in the great amphitheater on Mars Hill to a packed audience of intellectual pagans who yearned to hear his strange message about resurrection from the dead (see Acts 17:22).

In his sermon, Paul did everything perfect from a cultural standpoint. He used a idol from their city as an example of his message—something that showed them honor and surely must have gotten their attention (see Acts 17:23). He quoted their poets and philosophers (Acts 17:28), reaching out to them with their own culture and proving that he was a man of learning, worthy of addressing such an intellectual audience. With this mixture of culture, brain power, and the Word, Paul attempted to reach the leaders in Athens.

From a natural standpoint, Paul’s message…

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