I will carry my love for the Light over!



There was pin-drop quiet befitting the solemn hour; on the bed lay the wise one terminally ill!
“The Lord Himself must be waiting to enfold you in His bosom when you pass over!” whispered the servant with inner elation!
“No!” came the feeble but sharp reply.
“Then, His angels and luminous beings must be on hand to sweep you into eternal Bliss?” persisted the servant!
“No!” the feeble voice again.
“For all your good life and deeds Master, don’t you at least, look forward to a grand reception over there?
The wise one paused for a while as if to muster enough strength:
“No grand reception! My love for the Light will lead me on; I will seek the Light, follow it joyfully and ask for strength so that I never grow weary on the way.”

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lifeimagesnews

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