Save Brazil’s cherry-throated tanagers

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This video says about itself:

Cherry-throated Tanager – Saíra-apunhalada – Nemosia rourei

NE Brazil Birding – DEC 2012 Tour – First video of one of the rarest birds in the world!!!

Taken in Vargem Alta – Espírito Santo – South-east Brazil – with my friend and guide Gustavo Magnago.

From BirdLife:

17 May 2017

Ravaged by deforestation – but a new refuge brings hope for the Cherry-throated Tanager

Over 85% of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest has been felled over the last few hundred years – but life continues to cling to the fragments that remain. A newly-created reserve will ensure that one of these fragments, along with the six globally-threatened birds it harbours, will endure for the foreseeable future

Just five hundred years ago, the Atlantic Forest formed a thick green blanket across the east coast of Brazil. Then settlers arrived from Europe, sparking one of the most terrifying…

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