Lavar Ball: Is he the downfall of the Ball Brothers?

Brainy Versatility

For the past couple of weeks, Lavar Ball has been making headlines regarding his sons, especially Lonzo Ball, a NCAA Superstar. Daddy Ball has a lot to say, from his son should be getting a billion, yes a BILLION (mind you) dollar deal with Nike, Lonzo a better player than Curry and even saying on an interview that he’s gonna whoop Michael Jordan’s ass in a one-on-one game. I mean, c’mon man! We are talking about MJ here, the greatest NBA Player of All Time. But wait! He didn’t just diss the current NBA players, Lebron’s son got dissed too! Check out this video:

Parents are our first teacher on everything and all they want is the BEST for their kids. But where is the borderline of being a parent? Do you think Lavar Ball is taking this whole situation too far? Let me hear y’all opinion about this issue.

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