I Love Collecting Souvenirs

Safira's Journey

In the previous post, I’ve shared about my postcards collection. Now, I will share my souvenirs collection. I got them all from my friends. They gave me a souvenir from where they’re from and go. I always save well the souvenir that people gave to me. Even I have key chain from my uncle when e visited New York. It’s about 13 years already. So, these are my collections.


I really love to collect water ball or snow globes also. I only have 4 of them right now. Hopefully, I can collect lots of them later.


Last time, when my friend from China, Ada visited me I got a beautiful bag with traditional Chinese puppets on it. She gave me earrings also. They’re lovely. Then showed to Ada all souvenirs that I have when I put the souvenir from her in my souvenir box. She’s surprised that I saved all…

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