Festival Friendly Fashion.

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Lusito land is the biggest authentic cultural food and music event. The event gives the opportunity for attendees to experience the unique Portuguese heritage, including Caipirinha’s, prego rolls, grilled piri piri chicken and seafood which are available at six 300-seater restaurants and six pubs at the festival. The festival provides Portuguese inspired food, drinks, stores on the festival grounds that vary from clothes to candles, and from clocks to candy and spices to slippers.


The Lusito land festival serves a greater purpose, the profits made at the event goes to the Lusito Association, which manages the Lusio school for children who need special care because they are physically and mentally handicapped.456

Even though we want to wear bralettes, wellies and sparkly mini dresses, we have to take elements into consideration such as the sun, showers and dust. When choosing your outfit for the day you have to be able to…

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