Brazilian coup president’s corruption scandals

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This video says about itself:

Brazil: Protests hit Rio de Janeiro as Temer embroiled in new corruption scandal

25 November 2016

Thousands of union members took the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Friday, to protest against Brazilian President Michel Temer due to proposed austerity measures and after a new corruption scandal emerged..

The protesters gathered in the Rio city centre, chanted and beat drums, accusing Temer of corruption and demanded his resignation. Protesters allege a misuse of the political power as former Minister of Culture Marcelo Calero reported that Brazilian Secretary of State Geddel Vieira Lima and Temer forced him to approve a construction works in the historical area of Salvador.

Another wave of disaffection was caused by the austerity measures, proposed by Gov. Luiz Fernando Pezao to reportedly contain the state’s financial crisis, while protesters claim it will result in wage and pension cuts, tax increases, suspension…

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