A-Z Film Challenge: Day Eighteen


So many films begin with ‚R‘ that I could easily have written three posts on this one letter. This will leave you a lot of scope, as I am determined to leave out the films from Tarantino, Scorsese, and many others who have chosen ‚R‘ titles. In fact, I will limit my choices to only World Cinema films this time. So, no mention of ‚Ride With The Devil‘, ‚Right At Your Door‘, ‚Ronin‘, or many other favourites. (Oops…)
My top choice was always going to be a Japanese film anyway, so here are some more foreign language choices to lead you up to it.

Two Chinese films to start with. Both historical dramas, and equally ravishing to behold. They are also both directed by Zhang Yimou, and star the same female lead actress, the wonderful Gong Li. ‚Red Sorghum‘ (1987) was the film that introduced us to both director and…

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