10 Reasons to Fall in Love with New Hampshire


Home to some of the best ski mountains in North America, New Hampshire has made a name for itself in winter sports over the years. But that’s not all this woodsy state is known for.

So here’s why you should see New Hampshire for yourself – if you haven’t already.

1. A Hiker’s Haven


New Hampshire is every hiker’s dream. The state converted many old railroads into trails for hiking, biking, and running. So whether you like hiking on flat land, highlands, through water, or trekking through snow, this is the state for you.

2. Great Photo Spots

If hiking is just not your thing, then no worries.  The trails aren’t the only places for great photo ops.

In New Hampshire you can count on finding high mountains, big waterfalls, fiery foliage in the fall, winter wonderlands, wide lakes, fast rivers, and great people. All you need to do, is…

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