Review of „The Highway Man“

unsaid words

Written by award wining author J Alchem ,it’s a collection of short stories .
I just finished reading it ,though I don’t usually write about books .

But the way this book kept me captivated till the end .

I just couldn’t hold myself back from writing and sharing about it

Each one of the stories takes you to the another world .

It was so captivating that I was completely engrossed and didn’t pause until completed.

I was literally awestruck with the love story of sidzy and jihaan .
And how adorable jihaan is that I fell in love with this character .

They gonna give you serious relationship goals.

And how a highway man ,who keeps cracking his #kuchbhi jokes help people to fall in love with their life and regain their faith in humanity.

Go give it a read and you will know ,how someone’s imagination can…

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