#25 A very good meal


‚Oooh how i love this food‘ it was some kind of salad made of turnips, carrots and some other ingredients. One bite is so fresh that it would tingle a little in my mouth. And it mademy stomache feel funny, that good.

The waiter came up to me and asked how i liked their new salad. I was told him it was one of the best salads i had in my entire life. I told him how it made me feel. A smile appeared on the waiter’s face and said ‚very good. I will give the cook your compliments.‘ ‚Very well‘ i said.

When the waiter returned he said ’sir, this has never happened before, but the cook was so pleased with your compliment that he invites you over to the kitchen. I looked at the waiter, ‚alright, lead the way‘ i awnsered.

The waiter walked in front of me…

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