The Train Is Dead – Have a Cookie!


The train is dead, the train is dead! Ding Dong! The wicked train is dead!

A few months ago I posted an urgent desperate plea to all of you, Beautiful People, to help us save our little island from a wicked corporation and corrupt politicians who had been threatening to destroy our unique environment, architectural ambiance, and ecological balance. You can see all the gory details here.

Let nobody claim that the grassroot movements do not work – the train is dead! We thank all of you, Beautiful People, who cast a vote to support our efforts; your votes counted, and we won! Now you can safely visit and enjoy Miami Beach in all its splendor. I am here with a plate of cookies to greet you – have a cookie!

ChCh Cookies 1.jpg

I was so overjoyed at the news from the City Council that I just made something quick and…

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