Writer in Residence – Bolan’s Millions by Paul Andruss

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Welcome to the latest exclusive post by Paul Andruss and today he explores the life and legacy of one of the 1960s music legends. Marc Bolan and T.Rex only came onto my radar with Ride a White Swan in 1970 when I was 17. As with many who die young, Marc Bolan the artist seems frozen in time, although I still listen to both this track and Hot Love regularly.

Paul as always has the inside scoop and takes us behind the scenes to Bolan’s early career and also brings us up to date with the traversty that surrounded his financial legacy.

Bolan’s Millions by Paul Andruss

I first came across Marc Bolan when I heard my best friend’s older brother playing Tyrannosaurus Rex’s third album Unicorn. I was instantly smitten by this unworldly voice, warbling incomprehensible lyrics to chords bashed out on an old acoustic, accompanied by fevered bongos…

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