Closer…..#Make It Happen

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Let’s face it, there are moments when we had to make a choice to either get up or accept defeat right?
As humans, weare all born with the natural instinct not to give up but somewhere along the line, we loose that instincts. When asked what happened, we reply „Life happened and am tired“ When we were babies, we cried, screamed​ until we got what we wanted, without caring if what we wanted was what we needed. As we grew older, we no longer needed​ to scream or cry before the whole world because we want something. People talk us out of our crazy ideas, especially people who live in the so-called real world, where things “make sense.” To them everything you say that opposes what they believe in, doesn’t make sense. „How annoying right? Most of these people have never attempted the impossible. Some of them…

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