Easter at the Cheadles

Robbie's inspiration

IMG_1507Today we all celebrated Easter Sunday together. It was so fantastic to have everyone over for lunch and Easter treats. There were 16 adults – Terence and I, my three wonderful sisters and their husbands and partners, my parents, Terence’s mom, sister and granny and our dear Aunt Wendy.

And then there were the children …

Gregory aka Cautious Craig and Michael aka Silly Willy


Cousins Ryan and Ben, who love to go camping


Cousin Emily aka the girl on the beach


And last but not least, cousin Taylor aka Tayor Gingernut


We had a magnificent meal and, in addition to the Easter cake featured above, dessert also included a gingerbread house and a cute little Easter bunny cake made by Michael.

My Easter cake can also be called the billion calorie cake. It was a rich chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling and covered with milk chocolate ganache and mini Easter…

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