I Farmed Seaweed in Belize to Learn Why It’s the Food of the Future

Brights - Die Natur des Zweifels

Seaweed farmer Lowell Godfrey holds seaweed fragments to take out to plant. All images by Sarah Hewitt

It was a jarring, hour-long boat ride to Little Water Caye, a sliver of an island 30 km off the coast of Placencia, Belize. There was only a small wooden house on a beach, and palm trees waving in the Caribbean breeze. But offshore, invisible from the surface, lay the first sustainable seaweed farm in Central America. I helped unload the boat—food, yellow twine ropes, and snorkelling gear—everything we’d need to spend a few days planting seaweed.

By Sarah Hewitt | MOTHERBOARD

The previous day, I’d walked past the headquarters of the Placencia Seaweed Co-operative on the mainland. Packages of dried seaweed, and seaweed in gel form, sat on a shelf inside the open door. The head seaweed farmer, Lowell Godfrey, greeted me and I asked him about the farm. He told me…

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