Why Birthday is Needed, and April Matters a Lot


April is something I really love the most. April is undoubtedly wonderful. In April, there are more than two days which are the most important days for me. If some people would like to say about the April Mop completed with the pranks, I’d like to say about the other beautiful things to reflect completed with the wishes.

I imagine living in the four seasons country. So, April should be in spring. In spring, there are flowers blooming. The flowers will totally give us their best view colorfully. I’ve ever read an article writing that spring is the time for you to regenerate what you’ve done in your life. Besides, there is also problem that can happen in spring, like tornadoes. There are many ways to see the positive side and also the negative one, just like abirthday.

boston-common-louis-rSpring in Boston, Massachusetts

Source: http://www.hercampus.com

The birthday I’m going to talk…

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