Sisters…..#Friends For Life!

When I' m With You... Whitney Ibe Blog!


Growing up my siblings were the best support system i had and even as we grew older we still have each others back. „Just as life’s journey involves a lot of unexpected events and you have to be ready to perceive them in the right way, that’s how we meet people every day and how we treat the people we meet will determine how much of ourselves we have truly discovered.“  Meeting my girlfriend’s has been a blessing to me. I tell them everyday how much they mean to me. They are loving, caring, understanding, and get on my nerves. We fight, argue, break up and make up but have always had each others​ back. Today I see them as sisters.


Knowing that I have girlfriend’s that are like sisters makes me happy all the time. Hanging out with them makes my day. Girl times are always moments i look…

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