Scientists Recreated the Elusive Rogue Wave in a Lab

Brights - Die Natur des Zweifels

Image: University of East Anglia

Do wind patterns have anything to do with these destructive deep-ocean monsters?

By Farnia Fekri | MOTHERBOARD

Rogue waves in the ocean, which can be taller than the Hollywood sign or a six-storey building, are seemingly impossible to predict and can be devastating to any ships, oil rigs, and humans in their path. Until the 1995 Draupner wave, many people thought these freakish waves—which are greater than twice the size of surrounding ones—were the product of sailors‘ overheated imaginations. But now we know they’re extremely real, and scientists are trying to understand them, even to predict them before they form, to protect ships and sailors.

A team of scientists is using a unique tank to study these waves, and see how much wind patterns have to do with their formation, as described in Physical Review Letters.

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