„My presence shall go with thee.“


Exodus 33:1-7, 12-23

Exodus 33:4

There was some right feeling left, and while Moses spoke to them it came to the front; but, alas, it was as fleeting as the early dew.

Exodus 33:5

As if the Lord knew not how to shew mercy to impenitent sinners.

Exodus 33:6

This is always a preliminary to mercy. Pride must strip, self-righteousness must throw off her mantle, and carnal security pull off its tinkling jewellery.

Exodus 33:7

They were not worthy to have the residence of the Lord in the centre of the encampment. The Lord did not utterly leave them, but he went into the outer circle, and all who would seek the Lord must go without the camp. The lesson is plain, and holds good even now.

Exodus 33:13, 14

Thus the Lord gives us his presence now and rest at the end. What a precious promise!

Exodus 33:17


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