Short Story Sunday 155: Familiar

Rachel Poli

Short Story Sunday: Familiar

            “Hey, don’t I know you?” a petite woman asked.

Penny eyed her waitress suspiciously. “Nope. I don’t think so.” She shook her head and looked back down at her menu. She had never been to this restaurant before so she had no idea what the waitress had been implying.

Penny didn’t go out much. Aside from going to school, she stayed in her house most of the time. She enjoyed lying in bed reading books or watching movies. She didn’t care too much for the outdoors or to even meet with other people. She liked to keep to herself and she was much more comfortable being in her own home.

However, an upperclassman had asked her out. She had a crush on him since middle school, but was always too afraid to say anything. He was the exact opposite of her. She didn’t think he even had a home…

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