Do I Matter?…..Do You?

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How much of me does the world need? Who cares if i change for the better or not? Why do i need to stop smoking, it’s my lungs after all? Do i need to go to church when everything keeps falling apart? Why pray when God never answers? The preacher keeps talking about paying of tithe, does it even matter if i pay it? Do i really need those treatments if the doctors have already concluded there’s​ no cure for the ailment? Who cares if i wake up or not? I barely have friends that cares anyway? Does it really matter if i get married or not? Does it matter if i go to college or not?
Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? Well, I do and God does..


Sometimes​ i wake up and ask myself questions. These questions help to keep me focused and restore my hopes. I often…

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