The „Brain-Crush“

the silent wave

Recently, I wrote about some of the unconventional types of affinity I feel for other people, and some of the unconventional bonds that sometimes bloom from them.  And a few months back, I was (warmly) approached by someone on social media after I used the term „Brain-Crush“ asking me, with interest, to expand on that concept.  Tonight, I’ll deliver 🙂

 Because tonight, I’m awake once again, mostly because of histamine excess, which is actually an endogenous (made by the body) stimulant.  Honestly, it’s better than caffeine, in that histamine doesn’t come with that undesirable jittery effect (at least for me).  But I’m doing that „digressing“ thing again…

Since I’m up, I thought I’d highlight a specific type of bond I’ve experienced that resides mostly in the „Innocent Crush“ category, but sometimes dabbles in the „Fascination“ category: The Brain-Crush.

In its mildest form, The Brain-Crush is amusing; in its strongest, it’s…

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