Snow, Snow, Snow

Dr. Mary Ann Niemczura


Where are my Boots?

On my feet I glibly replied to my husband.
I continued to clean off the
car and push snow down the
driveway. Lifting is no longer
an option. Predictions for
this storm were twenty to
thirty inches of snow in our
area. We are shrouded in white.
I measured under twenty inches.

For us, spring is simply a
calendar date. Others around
the world boast of the flowers
in bloom. Last glimpse  of our
daffodils, they were about four inches
above ground. When this melts,
I’ll note their progress. The sun
is intense today. The snow is rapidly
melting like in Colorado after snow storms.

Determined to stay ahead of the
amount of snow I had to clean off
the car and down the driveway,
I donned boots, gloves and coat
hood to brave single digit temperatures
and winds whipping at my face. Good
thing I only stayed…

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