Travel Bits: The Alaska Highway – Liard River Hot Springs

Travels with Choppy

From time to time here on the blog, I’m going to feature entries from one of the 101 Travel Bits books. Today, I’m featuring 101 Travel Bits: The Alaska Highway, available for purchase at Amazon on Kindle, the Kindle app (for any phone or tablet) or in paperback.

Travel Bit Number 39: Liard River Hot Springs

Of all the stops along the Alaska Highway, few are more popular with travelers than the Liard River Hot Springs. A series of natural hot springs that are now part of a Provincial Park, Liard River Hot Springs are a chance for weary travelers to get off of the road and soak in warm, natural pools that remain open all year long.

The first known record of the Liard River Hot Springs comes from 1898, when explorers arrived in the area and noted the presence of the springs. In the mid-1920s, a pilot doing…

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