Falling….Whispers Of The Heart

When I' m With You... Whitney Ibe Blog!


Trust me my dear, you don’t hate yourself​ any less than I did when I saw what I had to do to win your love.
I wasn’t comfortable leaving my comfort zone.
Because of you, I was willing to do anything…
You make me feel completely alive and utterly happy just looking at you
You make me feel undetached from the rest of the world, like everything around me right now
Nothing else matters now except you.

My jewel, your love is deep and wide like a canyon, for too long have I stood on the edge
Feeling no one can see me and am not important
I was told that some people will come into our lives and we immediately know they will mean something profound to us
I believe it….

I ‚m learning to trust you
When everything was against me
You were there for me
I don’t…

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