Child Abusers Ran Fake Chat Sites to Trick Kids

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Abusers would coerce victims with webcam footage of other children, or „loops.“


Child abusers have always adapted technology to stay ahead of the law, or find new ways to target victims. With one case, in which a suspect recently pleaded guilty, a group of pedophiles ran two fake chat sites to coerce children into producing explicit videos.

On Friday, Jeffrey Van Dyke, 46, from Weed, California who was part of the conspiracy, pleaded guilty to child pornography crimes, according to a Department of Justice press release.


The case involved chat sites MyVlog and SOWYD, according to the criminal complaint. Visitors could talk and use their webcams, but instead of being a site where lots of children hung out and chatted, the pedophiles who ran the site would play old webcam footage of kids—or „loops“—tricking their targets into thinking they were communicating…

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