Thursday photo prompt – Horizon #writephoto

Robbie's inspiration

The following extract from Silly Willy goes to Cape Town is for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. You can join in the fun at this link

I woke up quite late the next morning on our first day in Cape Town. Willy was already up and was sitting watching cartoons on the television. Mom and Nana were making breakfast. My favourite, smiley face French toast. Mom makes the eyes and the smiley mouth with blobs of tomato sauce and the hair with cheese. Dad was standing on the balcony looking at the ships out at sea. I went and stood next to him. The ships were like tiny toy boats on the big, dark ocean. I could see a dark blue line where the sky met the sea. Dad said that this was called the horizon. I could see some surfers out near the horizon. I thought they were very brave…

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