It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s super…

Dr. Mary Ann Niemczura

IMG_3342Glue! Not Superman this time.
There was a television show when
reporter Clark Kent changed into his
Superman costume to come to
the rescue of others.

How did super glue get into
the washing machine amidst her
clothes and intimates? She was
still sleeping so I couldn’t inquire.
Tired from her return from Denmark.


I stood staring into the washing machine
and couldn’t fathom how this glue had
made it through a load of laundry,
soapy water and agitation. I stood
glued as visions of what might have

been if the glue had opened in the
washer, or better yet, the dryer.
Manufacturers must figure in the
odds of a tube opening when exposed to
soapy water and the machine’s motion.


Super glue? In her load of laundry?
Why had it even been in her suitcase?
Certainly it had not been on the suggested
list of items for the…

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