How to Deal with Misogyny on Social Media

Alexis Chateau

I joined Twitter in 2009 at my boyfriend’s request. At the time we knew little and less about social media. But I was moving away for college, and he thought it would be a great way to keep up with each other’s lives. He was right.

Outside of our relationship, social media also opened up a lot of new doors for me. By 2013, I had built up a strong enough online presence to attract a local high-profile client, who then asked me to manage all his social media pages.

The First Bitter Taste


When our contract ended due to delayed funding from his investors, I drifted back to my personal account. At that point, I noticed a new and disturbing development: the misogynists had finally made their way to Twitter.

All day, every day, there were derogatory comments about women. Revenge porn came next; with guys thinking it was „cool“ or „amusing“ to…

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