Wait!!……. Do I Need To? Do You?

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Aghhhhh, how I hated this word growing up and before I even knew what I wanted or even needed.
Have you ever been in a hurry to get to an appointment, secure a contract or even finish a long time project, only to be stopped in traffic by the street light saying „Stop or in another word Wait“?
How about coming home after a stressful day and your wife says “ Wait, honey the meal will be ready in five“
What about having a loved one in the emergency unit of a hospital, and you are itching to see him or her and the receptionist or nurse tells you „Wait, you can’t go in now.“
I can go on and on with various scenarios but the truth is it’s not usually easy obeying this word when we hear it. Adrenaline pumping, sweats running down your face and…

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