Vivid Descriptions Draw a Reader In


During my role playing session last night, an interesting topic came up.  We started talking about different ways to make vivid descriptions.  Anyone who has done tabletop role playing knows that if the person running the game can’t describe things well, it creates a boring game.  The same is true for novels, essays, really anything that is written.  It’s even true, in slightly different way, for paintings and drawings.

Accurate Descriptions

The key to vividness is accuracy.  Have the scene firmly in mind, thinking of all the details about it, and then describe the scene while trying to engage the audience’s senses.  Think about what it would look like, sound like, feel like.  Then think about first impressions.  You might get something like this:

„She stood on a sandy, lemon colored plain, vainly blinking to clear the fine, flourlike dust that lifted in swirls and puffs every time she made…

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