Baked lemon meringue pie

Robbie's inspiration

Today we celebrated my older son, Greg’s, 14th birthday. For this prestigious event, I made a chocolate cake and decorated it as a dry river bed with a slight difference. The river is the condensed milk river that you’ll find in Chocolate land. You see, the cake was to serve a dual purpose, one to celebrate Greg’s birthday, and two, to be photographed for purposes of Book 4: Sir Chocolate and the condensed milk river story and cookbook. I previously blogged the beginning part of this tale, entitled The marzipan witch and the golden swans. If you missed it you can read it here Needless to say, Greg was not delighted. To make it up to him, I also made him a baked lemon meringue pie.


This lemon meringue pie is a proper baked pie and is really quite lemony and delicious.


Shortcrust pastry

240 grams cake flour;

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