First past the post

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Geoff Le Pard kindly (and I use that term loosely…) named me as one of his victims in Sarah Brentyn’s ‚first post revisited‘. While it can sometimes be pleasant to revisit old work, at other times it can make you cringe… How does your first post make you feel?

This one was mine….just to see if I could work out this whole blogging thing. With a grand total of six views that first year, I wasn’t convinced that I had a handle on it at all…

I followed with another two posts that year… both a bit on the militant side…. and I still stand by their message. Being a carer, especially a family carer, is one of the most officially undervalued and generally misunderstood of roles.

But I’ll get off the soapbox… and on to the first post. I’d like to ask Marilyn Armstrong, Diana Wallace Peach

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