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Smooth Move: Get Organized When You’re Relocating

simple Ula

They say that there are few things more stressful than moving house; with so much to sort out, you’re bound to feel the pressure at some point. However, changing property can also be an exciting time for you, your partner, and the rest of your family, as it’s the chance for a fresh start and new beginnings. Therefore, the best course of action is to embrace the experience fully and do all you can early on, to plan and prepare for what lies ahead. The more organized you are, the calmer you’ll feel when moving day rolls around, so get out that notebook and pen, and start thinking about what you can begin now.

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Here is my interview with Joan Livingston


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Hello, Fiona, thank you for inviting me to your blog. My name is Joan Livingston, and as for my age, let’s say I am une femme d’un certain âge and leave it at that.

Fiona: Where are you from?

I have lived in different parts of the U.S., including 11 years in Taos, New Mexico. Recently, I returned to the rural hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, which is the setting for most of my fiction. It’s also where we raised our family for 25 years before moving to the U.S. Southwest.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie, your education, family life, etc.).

I grew up beside the ocean in Massachusetts, where my grandparents arrived from the Madeira and Azores islands of…

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Liebster Award Nomination


The Liebster Award Nomination


My thanks and appreciation for this nomination go to Isha Marg of ishaisms.wordpress.com and the wonderful blogger Isha. Nominations by peers are a wonderful encouragement in the craft of blogging, and so I am thrilled to be nominated. If you haven’t been to Isha’s blog, then please make your way there, and enjoy.

The Liebster Award recognises and celebrates bloggers, their content, skill, and contribution to the blogging community. The rules for accepting a nomination are:

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated your blog.

Answer the questions.

Nominate 11 bloggers to encourage them.

Ask them 11 questions.

Let them know you have nominated them.

Answer the Questions:

  1. When did you embark on the journey of writing? That’s a good question. In high school I dabbled in sort story and poetry, then, after a gap I returned to poetry, and with my work I started to write reflectively…

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Here is my interview with Steven Fortune


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

My name is Steven Fortune, I’m 40 years old.

Fiona: Where are you from?

I’m from New Waterford, Nova Scotia, a small town on Cape Breton Island.  I currently live up the road in Sydney.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

I went to Acadia University where I got a BA in Literature and History.  I also had stints as Editor-in-chief of the school’s creative arts journal, and News Editor of the school paper there.   My parents were almost exclusively blue collar, which is in keeping with the Cape Breton lifestyle.  My mother had some artistic tendencies; she read a lot and did needlepoint and things like that, but I was definitely the first…

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Bojana, are you ready to go on? Alright.

I want you to focus again and try to remember everything, even things you forgot, wanted to forget and think you don’t remember. You limbs are getting heavy…heavier. It feels as if your hands and fingers were made of lead…You are sinking into perfect relaxation. I’ll count backwards now. 10, 9, 8…Inhale. Exhale.7….deeper still…6…let it all go now…5. Still drifting down…4, 3, 2…You feel this heavy relaxation in all parts of your body…deep and misty…Allow yourself to relax. Open your mind and your heart. Unburden…1.

Tell me what is going on.

It’s Sunday afternoon, May 4, 1980 and we’re enjoying our weekend. The TV screen goes black for a few seconds. A statement is read live on national TV:

Comrade Tito has died. His great heart stopped beating at 3:05 PM.’

I’m 3. ‘Mom, why are you crying? Mom, don’t be…

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The bullet man 

Exploring the epiphany

He is the finest Craftsman.

At least crowds say that and he takes pride in it.

He makes the most aerodynamically spectacular bullets.

Thin and won over stripes of blazing metals are his sex pillows,

He sharpens the bullets and drinks a beer,

he bites a heart and listen Nirvana at his radio,

his dreams are made of spherical orgasms,

He is the finest Craftsman.

But he has been licked by a yellow noon, he has been murmuring ‚the man who sold the world‘ by the beer visions,

he is touched by a flowered carcass.

Blue stars are getting crushed and oozed in his alcohols.

His bullets have tasted and listened to every birth sounds of every country’s winds…

Blood! Blood! The sounds of blood flowing through the veins,

forheads of kids playing piano, girl’s first sensations,raped bulletproof motherhood,the upside down leaving violin and millions of erected poet’s bleeding words…painted…

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Auch Kandel ist ein Fall von Alters-Lüge


Beatrix von Storch

Der im Dezember nach einer tödlichen Messerattacke auf eine 15-Jährige im rheinland-pfälzischen Kandel festgenommene Afghane ist älter, als er selbst angab. Die  Staatsanwaltschaft hatte ein medizinisches Gutachten zum Alter des Täters angefordert, das ergab, dass er ungefähr 20 Jahre alt ist.

Daher wird er wohl nach Jugendstrafrecht verurteilt, was eine mildere Strafe nach sich ziehen würde. Der Täter hatte bei seiner Einreise im Frühjahr 2016 angegeben 15 Jahre alt zu sein.
Damit stellt sich erneut die Frage, warum sich die Altparteien Alterstests bei angeblich minderjährigen Flüchtlingen derart verweigern.

Der von der AfD-Bundestagsfraktion vorgelegte Antrag wurde von allen anderen Fraktionen abgelehnt. Wichtig ist die Prüfung nicht nur vor dem Hintergrund finanzieller Aspekte, sondern auch aufgrund der Tatsache, dass das Opfer seinen Mörder durch die Alters-Lüge überhaupt erst kennenlernen konnte.

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Iain Kelly

Dusk, the start of the night shift that no one wants to do. Bálint watches the sun dip down across the river, it’s reflection glinting off the water. A week of this to come before he returns to the lazy day shift, relaxing in the warmth of the summer days.

In most places, the darkness brings stillness and peace, but not here. Here, dusk marks the beginning of rush hour.

He picks up the night vision binoculars and scans the horizon. Nothing so far. They will wait until the light has gone completely. Clouds in the sky overhead will block out the moonlight. They will certainly try tonight.

He shouldn’t complain. He is lucky to still have a job to come to. The fence along the land border has removed the need for the Border Guards. Only here, where the middle of the river marks the border, is there still…

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Assyrischer Nachruf auf Dr. Philipp Jenninger und seinen Einsatz für verfolgte Christen


Die Stuttgarter Gemeinde der Assyrischen Christen des Ostens trauert um den ehemaligen Bundestagspräsidenten Dr. Philipp H. Jenninger.

Dankbar erinnern sich die Gemeindemitglieder an die Begegnung mit ihm Ende September 2016 beim Bittgottesdienst in Bad Cannstatt für die verfolgten, entführten, gefolterten und getöteten Christen im Nahen Osten.

Durch die Mitfeier der Heiligen Messe solidarisierten sich die Herren Dr. Philipp Jenninger, Pater Stefan Dreher (Petrusbruderschaft), Prof. Robert Spaemann, Prof. Siegbert Alber mit Familie, Prof. Hans Benirschke mit Ehefrau (Ackermann-Gemeinde), Prof. Heinz Grüninger und Sebastian Krockenberger u.a.m. mit den christlichen Assyrern hier und in den Kriegsgebieten.

Die Gemeinde war hocherfreut, dass sich Dr. Jenninger anschließend noch die Zeit nahm, einen einfachen Imbiss mit den Gläubigen vor der Kirche einzunehmen und etliche Gespräche mit dem Pfarrer und den assyrischen und chaldäischen Christen zu führen. 

Als Vatikan-Botschafter lernte Dr. Jenninger zahlreiche christliche Assyrer in Rom kennen. So war er mit der Lage der Verfolgten im…

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