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DEEZ – November-Ausgabe


Creation II… Stuart France

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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… “We find the information on this board to be, ever so slightly, uncomfortable.”

“It’s slave mentality.”

“And it’s metallic mind.”

 “’The blood of the slain God’ is, perhaps, most perplexing.”

“It might be more than that if the Gods were Planetary Beings.”

“How so?”

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Righteousness Turns to Unrighteousness 

Betcha Didn't Know!

Hi!!!! Today I want to talk to you about how righteousness can and often do turn people unrighteous and even downright evil! Why? Because when you think that you’re always right, or you have strong beliefs that you think that others should follow, you began to put yourself on a pedestal. You become high and mighty, and you began to judge like your God/Jesus himself!

And…..when you judge, it causes you to push your ways/beliefs on someone else. And we can become quite mean, cruel, and forceful when we want someone to oblige to our ways. We become worse than the person we are judging. The bible speak against such behavior

Ecclesiastes 7:20
Forthere isnot a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.
Luke 6:37

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall…

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Finding the jewel…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“You are beautiful.” “You are love.” “You are light.” “Whatever you can imagine can be yours.” I am fed up of reading these feelgood assertions, offered as a placebo and generously sprinkled with glitter and fairydust. There is nothing wrong with the words themselves, but I grow increasingly frustrated by the way they are often used.

They have become buzzwords that frequently appear in articles designed only to reassure and placate, to stroke the ego. They often come with a promise of enlightenment to the reader while implicitly asserting the spiritual superiority of the writer. They are understandably popular concepts and they are everywhere.

Such articles can be demoralising, having the opposite effect of how they appear to be intended. Reading many of them, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are at fault for not having already realised your full potential. All too often, they seem to portray…

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The gallant stand of an aging terpsichorean – Tallis Steelyard

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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I believe I have introduced you to Pardo Fuen. When I last mentioned him, he had decided to pass a quiet retirement selling cut flowers, a little top fruit, and bulls.

The cut flowers were a business he acquired along with the small farm he purchased. There was an area given over to bulbs and similar, plus a substantial orchard. Knowing little or nothing of this sort of husbandry he threw himself into learning with the same enthusiasm he gave to learning a new dance. He retained those who’d worked for the previous owners, and learned his trade from them.

Indeed he was not slow to take advantage of his previous connections. Any condottieri who dropped in to quietly pick the brains of the master was assured that fresh fruit were essential to ensure the regularity of the bowel movements of cavalry troopers. Similarly if a…

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Down home Christmas – Daniel C. Julian #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Black bird perched on colored lights

Strung from the courthouse

Smalltown sights

Outside the five and dime

There’s a man at the payphone wants to talk to God

He just can’t find the change

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Crow – D. Avery #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Another message


ink upon autumn sky

calling to be read

enciphered mysteries writ

decoded in wakeful dreams.

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The Benefits of facing a Challenge – Leah Bracknell

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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As if life were not currently challenging enough, someone in their wisdom, namely myself, decided that more challenge was required.

“Why not organise a talk?” I said to no one but myself.

Seemed a brilliant idea in the moment. Never mind that perhaps my attention should be on more pressing matters, such as my health. Is it distraction? Possibly. Or is it actually something that is a vital part of my healing journey?

When illness and dis-ease blasts the wind from our sails life becomes a series of mental, emotional and physical challenges: daily mountainous obstacles to overcome, to face, or to endure. The  stress and fearful anticipation  of facing operations, hospital visits, scans, scan results, injections, blood tests, biopsies, x-rays seems endless in the face of uncertainty, and no, it doesn’t really get easier. It just becomes a part of one’s routine, an…

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Rezension: Glücklich wie ein Däne

Pilgerin Belana Hermine

Glücklich wie ein Däne – Die 10 Geheimnisse der zufriedensten Menschen der Welt

  • Malene Rydahl, übersetzt von Ingrid Glienke
  • Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 27. März 2017
  • Broschiert, 159 Seiten
  • 14,99 € (D)
  • ISBN 978-3-579-08656-9


Als in Frankreich lebende Dänin betrachtet Frau Rydahl ihr Land mit etwas Abstand. Immerhin hat sie am eigenen Leib die Unterschiede zwischen den Gepflogenheiten, Überzeugungen, Werten von Dänemark und von Frankreich erlebt. Dieses Erleben bringt sie auch immer wieder in dieses Buch mit ein, was das Lesen zusätzlich zu einem Vergnügen macht.

Immer wieder hören wir davon, dass die Dänen das glücklichste Volk der Erde sein sollen. Frau Rydahl zeigt in ihrem Buch auf, welche 10 Faktoren sie für die dafür ausschlaggebenden hält. Sie hat genau 10 identifiziert, die sie in jeweils einem separaten Kapitel vorstellt. Das Ganze wird gerahmt von einer Einleitung und von Schlussbemerkungen.

In jedem Kapitel beschreibt Frau Rydahl den von ihr gewählten Aspekt…

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